More Publications and Mr. B Outlets!

My short story "Requited" was recently published in Issue #51 of Andromeda Spaceways. This makes my third story published through Andromeda Spaceways which, in my view, is a fantastic magazine that tends to publish story-stories (granted, I'm biased) rather than literary blah.

Having said that, "Requited" is actually one of my more literary pieces. The premise is an alien culture where some members are slaves to others due to physiological/biological symbiosis (or parasitism, depending on one's point of view).

The issue of judgment--how can one culture judge another?--is raised, but the real issue is what we want from others in terms of communication, affection, approval, and gratitude.

Andromeda Spaceways does deliver to the United States, and it can be downloaded!

My novella Mr. B Speaks! from Peaks Island Press is now available from two distributors:
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