Recommendations (With Caveats)

1. The show Leverage with Timothy Hutton, Gina Bellman, Christian Kane, Beth Riesgraf, and the very funny Aldis Hodge.

My friend Carole introduced me to this show. She told me it was about cons and thieves. She didn't tell me it starred Timothy Hutton!

I've been a fan of Timothy Hutton since Nero Wolfe. As a teen, I did see him in Ordinary People (several times), but Nero Wolfe is what sold Hutton to me as an actor with a unique vibe.

The show, although being about cons and thieves, is really more like Quantum Leap or Highway to Heaven- meets-The Matrix. It is a feel-good show about fixing people's lives. It tends to focus on one story at a time which, of course, makes me very happy (I'm not a fan of serials). Also, the cons and thefts never hurt anyone but the people they are supposed to hurt; the gang never has to go too far. It is pure fantasy. And loads of fun. And the gang have a nice rapport.

2. The movie Invictus. See my review on the Mike-Kate Video Club.

3. My latest novella, Mr. B Speaks!

4. The latest Jane Eyre but don't spend too much money on it.

The fact is, Jane Eyre cannot be cut into a 2-hour film. It is impossible. By trying to leave in the relationship between Jane and St. John, the writers cut some very important minor events regarding Mr. Rochester's first wife. Without those minor events, the big "reveal" falls rather flat.

However, the Jane and Rochester make a nice addition to other film/television Janes and Rochesters. Zelah Clarke's Jane is practical and direct in response to Timothy Dalton's acerbic Rochester. Ruth Wilson's Jane is self-contained and watchful in response to Toby Stephen's worried Rochester. Mia Wasikowska is remote and ethereal in response to Michael Fassbender's pining Rochester. Together, they capture most aspects of Jane and Rochester! (Though not all.)

So the film is worth watching for its interesting interpretation of the main characters. However, as a hangs-together rendering of the story, it falls far short.

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LitLover said...

Though I don't necessarily agree with you on your opinion of the latest Jane Eyre adaption, I love how you hit the nail straight on the head by explaining how each version mirrors a different aspect of the relationship between the Jane and Rochester in the novel.