Published: Mr. B Speaks!

My latest novella, Mr. B Speaks! has been published on Amazon Kindle by Peaks Island Press.

Mr. B Speaks! is a retelling of Samuel Richardson's Pamela from the hero (rather than the heroine's) point of view. It is also a satire/examination of literary theorizing. The official blurb follows:
Did Mr. B, the famously redeemed rake of English letters, romance his great love or abuse her? In a world where characters from novels can be tried in real courts for their literary crimes, Mr. B is forced to defend his controversial infatuation before an unsentimental judge.

Alternately attacked and defended by historians, psychologists, and literary critics, Mr. B wants only one thing--to be reunited with the woman who endured kidnappers, scheming siblings, and a slutty housekeeper all for the sake of her virtue and her marriage--Pamela.

Will love conquer all in the 21st century as it did in the 18th? Can a Georgian romance touch the heart in a postmodern world? Examine the testimony and decide for yourself!
In sum, the novella is a combination of Mr. B's viewpoint, me poking fun at literary over-theorizing, plus discussions about the eighteenth century, historical fiction, romances, and authorial intent.

Mucho mucho mucho gracias to my editor and publisher, Eugene Woodbury. The original version of this novel is in no way comparable to the final version. Eugene's high standards--which involved sending me back to basics (who is telling the story? what is the ultimate point?), then expanding on the story's possibilities--have been instrumental in producing this professional, and quite fun to write, novella.

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