Mike Baxter is Wilson

As I get caught up on Last Man Standing, I've come to realize that Mike Baxter IS Wilson.

In Home Improvement, esoteric/literary discussions of life, alongside advice, were carried out by the half-hidden neighbor behind the fence, Wilson.

In one episode, Wilson informs Tim Taylor:
"There was a time when I thought my extensive research into ancient tribal cultures, obscure scientific data, and the thoughts of great philosophers would never come in handy. Then you moved in."
On Last Man Standing, Tim Allen as Mike Baxter comes across as more popular-culture oriented than Wilson--but his knowledge base is still fairly wide and unexpected.

Some of my favorite examples.

1. "Pinball Fever."

Discussing when a champion should pass the mantle on, Mike references "Billy" Shakespeare's Two Noble Kinsmen: Ever seen a production? he queries. I love the fact that he knows that Shakespeare had flops!

2. "Bad Heir Day"

Mike references St. Augustine.

3. "Shadowboxing"

In a fantastic discussion of whether book knowledge or experience-based knowledge is more important, Mike states that he likes a blend. He then goes on to state that he reads as much as he can get his hands on (love this guy!) including Camille Paglia and C.S. Lewis.

4. "Boyd will be Boyd"

Mike references Richard Feynman. 

4. "Arrest Her Development"

When teasing Kristin about her "capitalist" husband, Mike references 'The Most Dangerous Game" by Richard Connell: "While I'm hunting humans on my private island--man, the most dangerous prey."

It's a great episode in terms of allusions since Mike effortlessly mixes references to a popular culture icon, the monopoly guy, with references to a 1924 high school classic.

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