Bonnie Bartlett: Great Character Actor

While rewatching Stargate, I was reminded of an excellent villain, Linea, played by Bonnie Bartlett.

"I know her!" I said.

Yup, she's the awful friend from Golden Girls.

And I have to give her major kudos. She effortlessly captures kindly but not saccharine--tough without any screaming or shouting. Matter-of-fact and charming. So you trust her--hey, she's Tim Taylor's mom!--right up until you don't.

She also has the impressive ability, as a villain, to present herself without defensiveness. "Thank you for helping me--I have my own agenda and my own warped morals--but still, I know how to say thanks."

Characters like this make excellent villains. They aren't quite Spikes/Crowleys (who tend to get defensive: Spike and Crowley like to be liked). Rather, these villains have absolute confidence in their own perspective, which affords them respect without viewers having to justify them.

Elias from Person of Interest is another great example.

In Bartlett's case, part of her villainous charm is her *voice.* It is very distinct and low. She can say stuff, and you think, "Uh-huh, yup, okay--wow, wait a minute! No, that's just wrong!"

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