Great Sit-Com Moment: Coach

"We call him Yoda."
In "Puppy Love" (Season 3), Hayden and Luther go to the pound to find a dog that fits Hayden's description of a heroic dog. Luther ends up with Quincy.

The manager of the pound delivers several hilarious lines in a crisp, dry British accent. Played by Jim Piddock, the actor is in fact British and appeared in another Coach episode "Kelly Girl."
Jim Piddock as Attendant: The only other one we have [other than Yoda] is over here. Let's see if he's awake. Ah, yes, full of beans. Come on. This is Quincy.

Hayden: What's the matter with him?

Jim Piddock as Attendant: Nothing.

Hayden: He's not doing anything.

Jim Piddock as Attendant: You ever had a Basset?

Hayden: No.

Jim Piddock as Attendant: You ever had a ficus tree?

Hayden: Yeah.

Jim Piddock as Attendant: Well, they're pretty much the same thing.

Hayden: I can't believe this--these are our choices. This one doesn't even look like a dog and this one looks like a bag a dog used to be in.
Luther is of course smitten with this doggy personification of himself. In several sequences, he tries to get Quincy to do, well, anything:

"Staying," Luther informs Hayden, "is the hardest thing for a dog to learn--and he picked it up just like that."

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