Picture Books: Q is for Quattlebaum, Qiu, and Quentin Blake

For Q, I took all the last name Qs I could find plus Quentin Blake. 

Mary Quattlebaum is a writer. I read Aunt Ceecee, Aunt Belle, and Mama's Surprise illustrated by Michael Chesworth. 

Joseph J.M. Qiu has illustrated books about people: Who was Blackbeard? Who is Elton John? Who was Lewis Carroll?

Quentin Blake is an author and illustrator. 

Mary Quattlebaum's picture book has much the same quality as Oakley's books. The story of a surprise party, told from the point of view of a young girl, relies on readers being equally amused by the story as by the images. I was amused enough that I requested one of her fairy tale books that I may return to in A-Z List #7. 

Technically, Joseph J.M. Qiu's books are easy readers rather than picture books. The illustrations--while not my favorite--are appropriate to the text. In addition, I'm a big advocate that if one is going to explore a topic, one should start with picture books and easy readers! Right now, I'm reading several children's books about Mars!

Quentin Blake is a true master. Like Edward Gorey, his (often) pen and ink illustrations are instantly recognizable and quite evocative. They are not as scary as Gorey's but they have much of the same vibrancy.

Blake has illustrated his own books, others' books, picture books, chapter books, and at least two art books! He is a Sir. And he's still alive! 

Blake has a fresh, lively style that never fails to make me chuckle. I love "K" is for Kittens from Quentin Blake's ABC. The truth is, kittens are incredibly destructive! Whenever I've adopted a new one, it has chewed and scratched through anything I left on the floor in seconds. 

The book is also notable because Blake did not settle for Xylophone or X-Ray for "X." Instead, "X is the ending for jack-in-the-boX."

I first encountered Quentin Blake in--and still mostly remember him from--Cricket Magazine, hence the image below.

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