LEGOs and Why Twitter is Full of Unpleasant People

During the Republican Convention, Ivanka Trump spoke about her son building a replica of the White House out of Legos. 

In yet another example of how leftists pointlessly disparage conservative women, Twitter went nuts, proclaiming that since she once told a story about building Trump Towers out of Legos, she must be lying about her son building the White House out of Legos.

Althouse immediately and correctly calls them all idiots, and she posted the latest trending picture of Trump. I don't usually post political pictures on my blog, but I thought this was one of the nicer pictures I've seen of Trump, so here it is. (I am well-aware that posting such a picture signals support--I don't actually care for Trump all that much, but the picture suggests that I do. Well, guess what, leftists? Reasonable, intelligent, commonsensical independents are getting tired of you and your high school, petty-minded, cruel, negative, self-indulgent, sneering, absence-of-anything-constructive, can-only-tear-others-down, mean-spirited bullying. So if the picture signals support: GOOD!)

Althouse points out that lots of people can build a White House out of Legos. It ain't that big a deal. "They sell kits." (She even has a link.)

What struck me, however, was the weird insistence that only one person in a family is allowed to build things with Legos. 

Ivanka Trump obviously likes Legos. In case anybody hasn't been paying attention, lots of people like Legos. The Netherlands likes Legos (see LegoLand above). Mythbusters liked Legos and built a big Lego ball.

Chance to say: RIP, Grant

My brothers like Legos. When I was growing up, my brothers played a game where they built planes out of Legos, then sent the planes down a string that stretched the length of our playroom. The planes that survived mostly intact at the bottom won.

And I built things out of Legos too!

Apparently, according to unpleasant people on Twitter, if one person in a family likes Legos and builds things out of Legos, nobody else in the family is allowed to. (Cancel culture, anyone?)

Doesn't it make more sense that Ivanka has a rather endearing hobby? She's 38, a decade younger than me. She is well within the generation of Lego obsession. I find it entirely believable that she would transfer her love of Legos to her child. It's the go-to gift! The go-to Christmas present! 

And if the kid enjoys it, all the better. 

Since I rarely post about politics (so this may be one of only a few I'll post before November 2020), I decided to clarify. I dislike petty humorlessness wherever it appears. I don't care for the mean-spiritedness of the left (and I heartily dislike its own lack of policing), but I also can't much stand the humorless how-dare-you-criticize-the-Great-Man posturing on the right (I mostly think that since Tulsi Gabbard and Andrew Yang were hounded out of the primaries by their own party, the right at least has something constructive to offer, no matter how fluffy). In truth, I found these Tweets about Barron  fairly hilarious in a 1980s John Cusack way. 

However, generally speaking, I think it best to leave the kids alone (and that statement is aimed at everybody, and just so you know, when it comes to ethics, it doesn't matter what the other side did first or last). 

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