Bloopers of Bloopers and Red Hair

Sometimes I'm reading bloopers on Amazon videos, and I think, "But that's not a mistake."

Sure, there's stuff like, "You can see the cameramen reflected in the window" or "Obviously, the 'yard' in the sit-com is a carpet."

But occasionally, the "mistakes" are either poetic license or not mistakes at all.

In one Last Man Standing episode, Mike gets on Ed's case about his treatment of employees. He says something along the lines of, "You had employees work that day."

"It was a Thursday."

"It was Thanksgiving!"

This was supposedly a blooper because the episode aired before Thanksgiving. But the first time I saw the episode, I never assumed that Mike was referring to that year's Thanksgiving. I thought he was calling on some past year's Thanksgiving to make his point.

The weirdest so-called blooper was the critic who got snarky about when The Andy Griffith Show went from black & white to color and, wow, look, red-haired Opie has a dark-haired father!

Uh, hullo, dark-haired parents do have red-headed kids--and red-headed parents have dark-haired children. I checked my mundane knowledge (my mother's mom had red-hair; my parents have dark hair; one of my brothers is sandy-blond but grows a red beard). Here is what I discovered from "The Big Question: Will You Have a Red-Headed Baby?"
If only one parent has the locks but the other is a carrier, the baby’s chances are 50/50. If neither of you are red but you both are carriers, you have a one in four chance of a fiery-haired child. And, sorry to say, if only one parent is not a carrier (even though the other is), you’ve got no shot...Even though you might not be a redhead yourself, studies estimate that 25 percent of Caucasian Americans carry the ginger gene, so if you fall into this category you might end up with a redheaded baby when you’re least expecting it.
By the way, we never see Opie's mom.

My main thought when I read that "blooper": Didn't the critic know any families with redheads? 

Back to bloopers, I do a kick out of all the car guys who make corrections to dialog in Home Improvement--it seems to be out of love for the discipline rather than a desire to "show up" the writers.

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