Weird Random Stuff: Word and Pinterest

I still own a copy of Roget's Pocket Thesaurus--
which has an excuse for its coyness.
I'm sure I'm not the only one who has noticed that Word's thesaurus does not have "dirty" (salacious) or "mean" (inconsiderate) words--

Nope, using Word's thesaurus, you can't get synonyms for "sex" (other than "gender") or "breast" (yup, I'm serious), and if you try the word "jerk," you will get all the words related to the action but nothing related to obnoxiousness.

I guess Word doesn't want to get hate mail from parents convinced that their child only learned the word from Word. 

For more complete dictionaries/thesauri, check out Google! And Onelook.

* * *

When I hunt for images in Google, I negative Pinterest.

Yup, I use "-Pinterest" in the search to avoid getting pictures from Pinterest. I'm sorry, Pinterest users, but good grief, that site overwhelms any image search.

The problem being, Pinterest post-ers don't cite their stuff. A Pinterest post will claim that an image is a picture of Queen Victoria when she was three, but there is often zero corroborating evidence.

It's highly irritating.

Wikipedia Commons is a much better bet.

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