Hilarious Christmas Moment: Vicar of Dibley

One of my favorite Vicar of Dibley moments is the Tinselitus joke. Sure, it's an oldie-but-goodie. What amuses me to no end is how Alice (Emma Chambers) responds to the joke.
Gerry: What do you get if you eat Christmas decorations?
Alice: I don't know. What?
Gerry: Tinselitus!
Alice: Oh, dear, I'd better be careful, then.
Gerry: What about?
Alice: Eating Christmas decorations - I'd no idea it was bad for you.
Gerry: What?!
Alice: You get tinselitus!
Gerry: Yes, which is a made-up disease!
Alice: Oh, It's all very well YOU saying it's all in the mind, but for people who have tinselitus, it's painfully real.
Gerry: Stop right there, Alice.
Alice: Of course they shouldn't eat the Christmas decorations in the first place, but once they have wolfed down a couple of Santas, society shouldn't punish them.
Gerry: Are you interested in being alive on New Year's Day?
Alice: I can't bear to think about it actually. It always happens at Christmas: everyone else is happy, and there in the loneliness of their bedrooms, with little bits of bauble and angels sticking out of their mouths--the forgotten millions, the victims of tinselitus, or TI as we call it.
Gerry: I'm beginning to think that, Herod had the right idea - kill 'em when they're young. It's the kindest thing to do.
The hilarious bit, of course, is Alice's hysterical reaction: "TI as we call it . . . little bits of bauble and angels sticking out of their mouths." In fact, Alice's deconstructions of Gerry's comedy is largely the point of the jokes.

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