Great Sit-Com Moment: Frasier

Would you marry me in this?
Niles and Frasier are watching Antiques Roadshow with their dad (the entire scene is hilarious, including the "veneer" drinking game). Daphne comes out to show Martin and the boys the wedding dress suggested by Donny.

Granted, the Go-Go 60's dress is hilarious. But the funniest part is the dialog before and after her appearance.

Niles and Frasier are surprised and pleased that due to Antiques Roadshow, they can talk "Biedermeier" and "credenza" and objets d'art with their dad.

Niles--who at this stage in the sit-com is still suffering unrequited love re: Daphne--remarks, "It's as if that panhandler I gave money to was a genie granting all my wishes."

Daphne walks in and asks her question.

Frasier looks up at Niles and mutters, "How much money did you give him?"

And I laugh my head off.

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