Quantum Leap: Great Moments 1

The local library recently purchased all the seasons of Quantum Leap. I was able to rewatch favorite episodes, including some of my favorite scenes.

I'm a big fan of small moments in episodes.  Nearly all my favorites in Quantum Leap involve specific exchanges between Sam and Al. Here are a few:

"Honeymoon Express"--At one point, Sam realizes that should funding for the project be cut off, he will lose contact with Al. Al has been trying to get Sam to understand this possibility but is unwilling to put the problem too bluntly.  From the audience's perspective, realization comes to Sam through the window of a door. It is heart-wrenching. (And is achieved, I should add, without any gooey music; it's all about the acting and the camera.)

I also enjoy this episode because Al appears in his admiral uniform.

"Thou Shalt Not . . ."--Al helps Sam dance the hora at a bat mitzvah. It is quite an impressive bit of choreography since Al (Dean Stockwell) has to dance in a circle in front of Sam (Scott Bakula). It is also quite lovely to watch.

"Jimmy"--Al delivers a pained speech (possibly one of the scenes that won him a Golden Globe for this season) regarding his sister who died in a mental institution:
"When I was old enough, I went back there for her, but it was too late. She was gone, Sam! Pneumonia they said. How does a 16-year-old girl die from pneumonia in 1953, Sam?"
One of the smartest aspects of Quantum Leap is how Al and Sam get to know each other better, partly due to Sam's "Swiss cheese" memory but also due to Al and Sam moving from business partners to friends. There were things about Al that Sam did not know before; in order to help Sam survive and to help others, the somewhat cagey Al discloses more information about himself (Al's extroversion is something of an "act").

To be continued . . .

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