Latest Publication: Lord Simon: The Dispossesion of Hannah

My third novella in The Roesia Chronicles, Lord Simon: The Dispossession of Hannah--is now available FREE on Amazon!

Here is the blurb:
Years before encountering the St. Clair family (as both a scourge and a blessing), the mysterious magician Lord Simon used his considerable (but untested) powers to save a woman under assault. As a result, he bespelled her into the walls of his house, where she remains. Trapped. Driven obsessively to free her, Simon consorts with grave robbers and physicians, politicians and priests, twisting the arms of the powerful and the profane in any profession. As his reputation blackens and his house crumbles, his obsession to save a woman long thought long dead may drive him mad. The third installment in the "Roesia" series, Lord Simon: The Dispossession of Hannah encompasses the events in Richard: The Ethics of Affection and Aubrey: Remnants of Transformation.
Lord Simon is the first saga I have written. It starts when the titular character is twenty-three and ends--I won't tell you when . . . Suffice it to say that this was the most daunting writing task I've taken on and to date, one of the most rewarding. As his character emerged in the other two books, I knew I had to give Simon his own story, and *whew* I have!

Enormous thanks to Eugene for editing the entire trilogy, designing the covers, including the awesome one above, and setting up Lord Simon on Amazon.

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