Stargate, Season 9, Episodes 9-14

Not a Season 9 image but a great image of Don S. Davis.
I'm happy to say that not all Stargate, Season 9's episodes are a loss--the villain doesn't improve but ways of dealing with the villain do.

Episode 9: Prototype

This is a straightforward plot that keeps the Goa'uld in the running as potential bad guys (and isn't that how life usually works? nothing every goes away forever) though I was disappointed that Khalek didn't turn out to be an ambiguous villain who could help humans fight the Ori. Considering episode 14 below the writers may be attempting to kill off all Goa'uld characters, which would be a mistake!

Episode 10 & 11: The Fourth Horseman, Parts 1&2

This is an Ori episode, which means dull politics and dull acquiescence. How likely is it really that a Jaffa leader would completely accept Ori theology or that anyone would believe that he had? People just don't switch world views that fast. It would be far more likely that the Jaffa would return to believing in Goa'uld gods than get embroiled in Ancient stuff (which is very Terran).

Like all Stargate scripts, the two parts are well-written. The problem is the uncomplicated either/or reaction of entire planets to the Ori. As Joe points out, sentience is usually accompanied by disagreement. Hey, just look at the religions, causes, and political parties on our planet!

Regarding the rest of the episode, Orlin's reapparance (as a teen) is nicely used: the Sam-Orlin plot is one of the two parter's best storylines. I continue to enjoy Ben Browder's Jack-like insouciance. He has taken over the Jack part of the Jack-Daniel repartee with panache. It is always nice to see Don Davis again (he died later than I had realized--in 2008). 

Last but not least: the one good thing about the Ori is that their storyline puts context to the Ascended (Alterans)'s non-interferance policy.

Classic murder mystery ending--Tuvok as the detective.
Episode 12: Collateral Damage

Very nice episode that reminds me of one of my favorite episodes from Star Trek: Voyager, "Ex Post Facto,"  where Tuvok investigates a murder supposedly committed by Tom Paris.  There's a nice twist that I saw coming, but I never mind seeing twists coming--I still enjoy them! (I would never have seen The Sixth Sense seven or eight times if I didn't.)

Episode 13: Ripple Effect

Another nice episode with a classic sci-fi motif: parallel universes. I love how putting 2+ Carters in a room results in instant scientific breakthroughs! There's also a great Star Trek reference about having "beards" in an "evil universe." And a couple of pleasant guest appearances.

Ba'al in paisley--and he pulls it off!
Episode 14: Stronghold

Jaffa politics. Mitchell's subplot is interesting--his friend is one of those actors who show up all over television: Bones, Numb3rs, Whedon's Much Ado, CSI. Yup, he has one of those careers!

Ba'al is back--in pastel--I love his clothes! (And I hope someone got him into a sarcophagus. Pity to lose one of Stargate's more interesting villains.) 

More to follow . . .

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