I Love the World Too or I'm So Tired of Doomsdaying

Lately, I've gotten fed up with people trying to tell me how bad things are/the future is doomed!!! Yeah, life is tough. Shoot, I don't know if I'll be able to pay my bills this summer. Sure, life=trials & tribulations (and I don't need pundits or well-meaning champions of the cause-de-jure to tell me so).

Yep, human history involves war, disease, and economic collapse. But being gloomy and doom-filled isn't going to stop those things from happening. Angst is a pretty poor weapon to wield whether one is trying to save a country, a company, or a casserole . . . unless the point is to depress people so much they decide there isn't any point.

THIS is a much better way to face the present and the future:

And so is this:

Granted, angst and doomsdaying klatches often operate as temporary stress-relief--like grouching about one's day, although I think far too many pundits and champions and zealots actually get pleasure from making others feel hopeless.

Stupidly so since as a philosophy/approach to life, angsty doomsdaying is pretty useless. We fight for what matters. And what matters matters when we allow ourselves to accept it with joy, gratitude, and good old excitement!

I don't usually preach my religion on Votaries; it isn't the point of the blog, and I'm a big fan of doing what is appropriate to the situation, but 2 Nephi 2:25 really does say it best (with a slight pronoun tweak):

Adam fell that we may be
And we are that we might have joy.

Isn't it just awesome!

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