Persuadable from Peaks Island Press

Peaks Island Press has just published Persuadable, my latest tribute to Jane Austen, specifically her Persuasion.

Like A Man of Few Words and Mr B Speaks!, Persuadable was inspired by an English classic. Unlike the previous novels, Persuadable doesn't follow the book's main characters. Rather, it follows the novel's nemeses: Mrs. Penelope Clay and Mr. William Elliot.

My original idea was to offer more insight into the original plot from the point of view of two outsiders. Persuadable still provides this perspective, but it is also a romance. Like any classic romance, it follows the courtship of a seemingly antagonistic couple whose mutual wariness cannot mask their reciprocal attraction.

Persuadable does answer Persuasion-provoked questions, such as, What did Mr. Elliot fetch for Mrs. Clay on Union Street? But mostly it addresses the question raised by Austen herself: Does love last? When and how does it thrive?

I will continue to post about A Man of Few Words over the next few weeks after which I will begin posting my thoughts and research for Persuadable.

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