Peaks Island Press: Winter 2013

Peaks Island Press has quite the impressive catalog!

The latest publication is Persuadable, my tribute to Jane Austen's Persuasion and a romance in its own right. I will soon begin posting excerpts and comments on Persuadable on Votaries of Horror. 

Author Eugene Woodbury has produced two young adult novels set in Japan. Fox & Wolf has a contemporary setting and tackles the world of shape-shifting. Not only is this novel an excellent way to learn about Japanese werewolves and werefoxes, it is also a great education on the customs of Japanese high schools!

Serpent of Time, Eugene's second YA novel, details time-traveling between the Nanboku Period in Japan--specifically the time of the Oei Rebellion--and contemporary Osaka, including famous Mount Koya. More specifically, Serpent of Time follows the trials of a princess on the run plus the adventures of her helpers and chasers.

Peaks Island Press is also home to The Gentleman & the Rake, my omnibus edition of A Man of Few Words and Mr. B Speaks! A Man of Few Words, my tribute to Jane Austen's Pride & Prejudice, is told entirely from Darcy's point of view. Mr. B Speaks! is also told from the "hero's" point of view and provides a social, historical, and legal perspective on the origins of the English romance novel.

Peaks Island Press's catalog also includes The Path of Dreams, a fantasy-romance with its roots in dream sequences, and Tokyo South, an in-depth view of Mormon missionary life in Japan.

All novels can be found on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, and iBooks. All are available in electronic format. Most are also available in print.

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