Latest Peaks Island Press Release: Fox & Wolf!

Fox & Wolf by Eugene Woodbury is now available!

Fox & Wolf is a modern action fantasy novel that involves shape-changing teenagers. The story covers the drama and perils of friendship and politics in a Japanese high school plus the drama and perils of family/economic scandal. Like many of Eugene Woodbury's novels, it combines striking action scenes with thoughtful, even philosophical, insights regarding human behavior: how do our pasts influence our current choices; what do our choices say about ourselves; how can we exercise our abilities to be who we are?

Peaks Island Press currently has the following books available:

Fox & Wolf (currently as e-book; coming soon in print!)

The Gentleman & the Rake (in e-book and print form)--this is the omnibus version of both A Man of Few Words and Mr. B Speaks! (and currently has one star on Amazon by someone who presumably doesn't read product descriptions)
Serpent of Time (in e-book and print form)

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