Recent Publications: Fantasy, Romance, History (Sometimes Altogether!)

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*Just Published* "Grave Bride," a short story by Katherine Woodbury about Vikings in Northern England. These particular Vikings still practice ancient rites, such as sending a chieftain to the after-life with a bride still living.


The magazine is Cicada, part of the Cricket Magazine Group.

*Just Released in Print* A Man of Few Words by Katherine Woodbury--my retelling of Pride & Prejudice from the perspective of the hero, Darcy.

*Recently Released*  Serpent of Time by Eugene Woodbury--a fantasy novel set in authentic medieval Japan, starring a princess heroine who goes head to head with an otherworldly controller of time.

*Recently Released* Monsters & Mormons, including the short story "First Estate," a science-fiction retelling of the Book of Ruth, by Katherine Woodbury, replete with winged civilians and human aliens. This anthology is also available in print.

*More Eighteenth Century Fun* 
Mr. B Speaks! by Katherine Woodbury--my satire of academe/retelling of Pamela by Samuel Richardson, told mostly from the perspective of the rogue hero, Pamela's stalker/boyfriend/fiancé/husband, Mr. B. I am currently posting chapters of this novella through Votaries of Horror with weekly historical notes.

Also check out Eugene's translation of Demon City Shinguku: The Complete Edition (Publisher: Digital Manga)!

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