A Man of Few Words, Second Edition!

The second edition of A Man of Few Words is now available on Amazon Kindle! 
A character study, A Man of Few Words explores Jane Austen’s Fitzwilliam Darcy as he responds to canonical events within Pride & Prejudice. Darcy’s delight, heartbreak, and occasional confusion are carefully detailed. Although containing new scenes and dialog heretofore unreported, A Man of Few Words concentrates on the life-altering moments selected by Austen and remains true to Austen’s original intent. A Man of Few Words does not alter Darcy's history; rather, it reveals the mental viewpoint and cogitation of this most celebrated romantic hero. 
To clarify, the second edition contains more of Darcy's inner-life from his analysis of Mr. Bennet's character to his worries about his unmanageable hair to his in-depth reflections on the purpose of social interactions. There are a few additional scenes, but most additions focus on elucidating Darcy's character.

Currently, the second edition is only available through Kindle. It will appear on other sites, including Smashwords, at a later date.

Mr. B Speaks! can now be found on the Nook and Diesel.

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