New List on the Mike-Kate Video Club!

This time we are doing sit-coms. Both Mike and I realized, after deciding on the genre, that saying, "Let's do sit-coms" is like saying, "Let's eat 10 elephants!"

Consequently, we narrowed the list using some fairly rigorous (for us) criteria. First, we chose a theme: friends and family. Then, we set aside sit-coms like News Radio because it is more work than friend-oriented as well as Fraiser and 3rd Rock From the Sun because they are fairly broad in their approaches (family, friends, work, aliens, the arts, romance, university life, etc. etc. etc.).

We also set aside British sit-coms. (Hey, we'll get to them someday!) And, finally, we kept the list to 10. A vast number of family-oriented 80's sitcoms did not make the final cut.

Here is the list:

1. Bosom Buddies: Review December 10th
2. Golden Girls: Review December 17th
3. How I Met Your Mother: Review December 31st
4. Big Bang Theory: Review January 7th
5. Friends: Review January 14th
6. Dharma & Greg (cross-over between friend-oriented sitcoms and family-oriented sitcoms): Review January 21st
7. Family Ties: Review January 28th
8. Cosby: Review February 4th
9. Full House: Review February 11th
10. Home Improvement: Review February 18th

Our plan is to watch the pilot and then review a selection (our choice) to report on. Please feel free to do the same!

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