A Man of Few Words

A Man of Few Words by Katherine Woodbury (editor, Eugene Woodbury) can now be found on Amazon as a Kindle book. A Man of Few Words is my novella based on Pride & Prejudice. The inspiration to write this novella occurred when I read, or rather tried to read, a "from Darcy's viewpoint" novel. I wrote about that experience here. The result was A Man of Few Words.

My editor, Eugene, was highly instrumental in making this happen! The opening letter was written at his suggestion and with his input. He edited and proofed the document and encouraged me to add transitional material, smoothing out the chapters (for any of you who have read the Smashwords or previous PDF version, the updated PDF and Kindle versions have additional material, mostly at the beginnings of the chapters).

In honor of the occasion, I have begun a version of Pamela from Mr. B's point of view.


Eugene said...

It was a fun project! The book description field should populate in the next day or two. I'll assemble all the download links together in a post on Monday. BTW, you're up to 707 downloads from Smashwords and about that many of the PDF.

Mike Cherniske said...