Awesome Character Actor: David Bamber

David Bamber is a fantastic actor. Full stop.

He is best known for his portrayal of Mr. Collins in Pride & Prejudice (1995). He manages to imbue Mr. Collins with conceit, low self-esteem, wounded pride, black & white thinking, condescension and even a kind of forlorn sweetness, all at the same time.

He shows up all over British television. In accordance with an earlier claim of mine, yes, he has appeared in a costume drama (see above), a mystery show (New Tricks), a Dr. Who episode, and an American show. Bamber has done it all, except that instead of American television, he has appeared in several Hollywood movies.

As Antonio, Merchant of Venice
I have an especially soft spot for him because he does so many mysteries: not only New Tricks but Father Brown, Death in Paradise, Poirot.

He is impressively versatile, having Gary Oldman's ability to disappear into a role. His voice is quite distinctive, but I don't always immediately recognize him. He can play cloying, good-natured, waspish, kindly. Everything. Yup, even Shakespeare.

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