Weird Bones Grammar Moment

In the episode with the dog (one of my favorites since, well, dogs; plus Cesar Millan shows up),
Bones and Booth visit the murdered veterinarian's office. Bones and the assistant have the following exchange:

BOOTH: So you slept together?
KAREN: He's divorced, I'm single. There's nothing enervating about it.
BRENNAN: Oh, for future reference, that word doesn't mean what you think.

This exchange is evidence that scripts are written by people who love language and love to argue about it. (Can't you see a bunch of staff writers arguing over periods and word choices in a studio backroom? I can).

Because nobody says "enervating" at all. Nobody. I've never heard an ordinary person on the street use it, no matter their educational background. Not even people who read a ton.

It sounds like an insider writer's joke to me!

Thanks to my dad's research, here is a cute poem from Merriam-Webster (composed for the edification of all word lovers):
There once was a term which could vex,
Bewilder, and really perplex;
This word, enervated,
Is close to deflated;
Once you get it it’s not so complex.
He's actually a very nice dog...He reminds me of you...
He's got warm and reassuring brown eyes, and he's capable of great violence.

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