Wendie Malick: Comedienne Par Excellence

Wendie Malick is a gifted comedienne. She has starred in several sitcoms, such as Nina Van Horn in Just Shoot Me! (a well-received sitcom with a plethora of gifted actors, including the gifted Enrico Colantoni).

After Just Shoot Me! she guest-appeared as Martin's girlfriend/wife on Frasier, where her ability to deliver good-humored and confident lines made her the perfect foil to Frasier and an excellent second wife to the down-to-earth Martin (although the first wife, Frasier and Niles's mother, was more sophisticated and academic, both wives share commonsense as well as a similar build and look: Martin has a type). 

Malick is sassy without being shrill. She is also naturally pretty. She reminds me of Zoe Morgan (Paige Turco) on Person of Interest who is bone-deep beautiful. Any make-up is simply an accessory, not the purpose. Wendie Malick can play aging fashion model with no extra effort.

She also has a factor that I consider vital to all good (American) comic actors: she is unself-conscious. Like David Hyde Pierce, she doesn't mind playing "the fool." Nor is the audience left with the uncomfortable sensation that the actress was embarrassed in order to make the scene work. Rather, the actress (or actor) is in on the joke!

We laugh alongside, which is the best way to laugh. 

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