X is for Xu (Ru Xu)

Yes, I found an "X" children's author!

Ru Xu wrote NewsPrints, a graphic novel published by Scholastic that takes place in a steampunk universe. The plot revolves around the boy Crow (Blue, the girl-dressed-as-a-boy, is the protagonist) and what exactly he is.

The art is not my favorite type of graphic art but not my least favorite either. My least favorite graphic novel art is overblow, rounded characters: it's like looking at chibii ALL THE TIME (it's a fine line: the art of Identity Crisis by Meltzer and Morales I like; the art of The New 52: Earth 2 I kinda can't stand).

NewsPrint reminds me of Superman: All Seasons, an Art Deco-like style reminiscent of classic comics; it shows up in the work of other contemporary illustrators, such as Brett Helquist (whose work on the Lemony Snicket novels is beyond perfect).

The plot of NewsPrint is unsurprising sci-fi* but well-rendered, and I checked at least twice while reading to see if a second volume has come out. Unlike so much of my reading, this book was published this year! So I assume another volume is in the works. 

*It falls into sci-fi rather than fantasy since it relies on scientific/machine explanations. More Verne than Wells but still within the genre.

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