The Voice

Sean Pertwee has possibly the most gorgeous voice in all of television and film.

I first encountered Sean Pertwee as Hugh Beringar in the Brother Cadfael Series (1st season). I fell in love and was incredibly disappointed when he disappeared from the following seasons. None of the later Hughs matched him in acting ability and appearance (Pertwee matched the book description of Hugh Beringar the closest).

Today, most Elementary fans will know him as Lestrade. However, before Lestrade, he appeared in Equilibrium as the voice of Father. He did not receive top billing, but I recognized his dulcet tones instantly whilst watching the movie:

I know that voice!

Pertwee does not have the crispest accent (think of the marvelous Martin Freeman) or the lovable Northern lilt of Gerard Butler and Sean Bean. As far as I can tell, he is pure BBC; he is also pure baritone gravel. His accent is stronger even than Hugh Laurie, in plummy Brit mode, and takes more concentration to follow than that of Jonny Lee Miller, who likely tones down his accent for us Americans. (Glenn Miller from Angel was accused of not being truly Irish; turns out that his fluctuating accent was due to his having to redo certain scenes in order to be understood; yep, sometimes those accents from across the pond can bedevil the Ma-Bell ear, even though it's all English.)

Whatever exactly Pertwee's accent is, the sound is pure honey and makes me go weak at the knees. The guy could be ordering anchovies--who cares?!

As it happens, that's his voice narrating the vastness of the universe. 

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