The Sheriffs of CSI

In the early seasons of CSI--back when I still watched--two different sheriffs show up in the first five seasons. They are played by two of my favorite character actors: Glenn Morshower and Xander Berkeley.

Both men are perfectly cast, having this slow drawl and ironic demeanor that matches CSI: Las Vegas's early tone and plotlines. They capture old-school, self-serving, canny politician-guy with ease. (Xander Berkeley shows up in a Bones episode playing the same type--he is so good that it works, but Bones is more Jonathan Adams--Season 1--than Xander Berkeley).

Both Glenn Morshower and Xander Berkeley utterly meet my criteria for hardworking, consistent character actors, not only on television but in movies! They are everywhere doing a little bit of everything from Monk (Morshower) to The Mentalist (Berkeley), from Moneyball (Morshower) to Terminator 2 (Berkeley). They also easily cross genre lines--Morshower is a Star Trek and Buffy alumnus! And they have both acted on 24 (but then, I'm starting to think everybody has.)

Other than Las Vegas Sheriff, my favorite role for Xander Berkeley is Detective Curt Landry in "Waivers of Extradition" on The Closer--where he plays a drawling, canny Texan who manages to get Brenda to give him what he wants.

For Morshower, my favorite role of his is the victim in "Monk Gets Cabin Fever." He is one of the most likable murder victims I've ever encountered (usually, they are utterly unlikable in order to explain why so many people are suspected of being the murderer). And I love his fishing hat!

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