Leonard Nimoy

Leonard Nimoy died today, February 27, 2015. His is the second celebrity death I've encountered where I have really felt the loss (I mourned Phil Hartman several years after he died).

I'm not the type of person who takes flowers to celebrity graves, but for Nimoy I might be tempted. It has been such a pleasure all these years to admire an actor not only for his work (which is technically enough) but also for his character. I'm sure he had flaws. To my knowledge, he always handled himself with gentlemanly panache, articulate thoughtfulness, and honorable fair-dealing.

On my Facebook page, I also pay tribute to DeForest Kelley. DeForest Kelley's death kind of passed me by in 1999. Should Shatner go while I still have this blog, I will likely return and update this post. I don't mean to dismiss James Doohan who died in 2005 or that marvelous lady Majel Barrett, who died in 2008. But the three are the three that expanded my imaginative universe.

Leonard Nimoy--Spock--will always be the linchpin.

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