Great Adorable Grumpy Old Gals

To go with my post on great adorable grumpy old guys, here's a complementary list:

1. Selma (from Night Court)

Selma, played by Selma Diamond, is the straight-woman to Richard Moll's sweet-natured Bull, the other bailiff on Night Court. She is the essence of grumpy and acerbic as she delivers pithy quips in her raspy voice. Unfortunately, Selma Diamond died after Season 2. Moll would go through another side-kick before settling in with Marsha Warfield. All three female bailiffs would qualify for 'grumpy.' (Florence Halop, the second female bailiff, made some great guest appearances on Barney Miller.)

2. K Callan (from a number of things other than Lois & Clark)

In Lois & Clark, K Callan, as Clark's mom, is a sweetheart.

However, she has guest-starred in many, many mysteries as the grumpy neighbor, the murderous grandmother and even the criminal mastermind! Check her out going up against Patrick Jane!

3. Kathryn Joosten

With a similar acting background to K Callan, Kathryn Joost (one of the incarnations of god in Joan of Arcadia) was totally hilarious as a grump. She was especially good at barking orders in full-blown exasperation  (see The Closer).

4. Sophia (from The Golden Girls)

Sophia, played by Estelle Getty, is a tiny adorable package of grumpy one-liners. The Golden Girls, despite some dated jokes, is a remarkably relevant show. As I and my parents age, I find it downright comforting.

Despite her real age (at the time) Getty captured the walk, tone, and attitudes of an independent 80-year-old. I especially enjoy Sophia's "picture it: Sicily 1922" anecdotes, which always involve her meeting famous people from history.

5. Martha Rogers (from Castle)

Like Dick Van Dyke on the previous list, Susan Sullivan as Martha Rogers isn't so much grumpy as a straight-shooter. She can play grumpy! Most of the time, however, she breathes fresh-air and style into the aging process.

She was much grumpier, and just as funny, opposite (grumpy) Mitchell Ryan in Dharma & Greg.

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