Guest Star of the 80's: Kristoffer Tabori

Kristoffer Tabori is one of my favorite mystery show guest stars. Nowadays, he mostly directs. But if, like me, you watch those old-time goodies--Matlock; Murder, She Wrote; Jake and Fatman--you'll encounter him eventually!

I actually first encountered Tabori in the BBC version of The Hound of the Baskervilles with Jeremy Brett, an excellent version that I highly recommend.
Sir Henry praising Holmes' deductive
He plays the Americanized Sir Henry Baskerville. Tabori is American, but I confess I didn't think he was. He has the most enchanting accent/tonal quality--it is rather like listening to someone with a very light Irish accent. You almost can't hear it, but the lilt is there. He reminds me of the excellent James Sloyan who also has a very distinctive voice with an indefinable accent/tone. (Tabori's mother was Swedish, which may account for it; however, he was born in Malibu, California, so maybe not.)

In mystery shows, Tabori shows up as either the victim or the murderer. It doesn't matter much since he acts exactly the same both ways. I don't hold this against him--eh, so the guy doesn't have range. Who cares?! He acts well. He can give even a skanky villain a soft, sympathetic quality.

And no matter what he is saying, it just sounds so nice.

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