More Character Actors: Hey, Weren't You on Law & Order?

I've mentioned how much I admire working actors, actors who might not have reached crazy celebrity status but work consistently, maintaining strong television careers.

Many of these actors were Law & Order regulars. Sometimes they were the villains; sometimes the victims; occasionally, they were the lawyers!

Dennis Boutsikaris
Moriarty and Boutsikaris

I first encountered Dennis Boutsikaris on Law & Order's "The Corporate Veil"; he actually appears in an earlier episode, but he is more on display in "The Corporate Veil" (as the family lawyer). He has a  memorable voice that can suddenly descend into low gravel. He is also an attractive physical actor. At one point in "The Corporate Veil," he slumps onto a couch in a graceful, elegant move.

Boutsikaris also appears in "Monk Goes to the Asylum," one of that show's funniest episodes  (Monk: "By the way, in case we don't get a chance to talk later, just want you to know — except for the murders and your trying to kill me, you really were the best doctor I ever had."). He recently guest-starred on Person of Interest in one of Season 2's best episodes "In Extremis."

Joel Polis

Joe Polis appears in a second season Law & Order episode "Blood is Thicker." He plays Dr. Friedman and does a fine job as the adulterous doctor who nevertheless demonstrates a finer moral sense than the aristocratic family of the victim.

I love his voice although when he showed up in Castle's season three episode "Knockdown" as Detective Raglan, it took me a few minutes to recognize him (that beard!). He plays the mystery show circuit all the way back to Diagnosis Murder. He also showed up on Home Improvement as Tim's boss. He's been around!

Steven Culp
Elliot and Culp

Steven Culp actually, did not show up on original Law & Order (rather amazingly) although he has shown up on Law & Order: LA. Culp was a JAG guest star for almost a decade. Since then, he has become a regular on the mystery show circuit from CSI to NCIS to The Closer to Criminal Minds. He quite honestly doesn't have the range of, say,  Boutsikaris, but I get a kick out of anything he does; he has that Charles Grodin-like aura--"ordinary" guy with deadpan delivery.

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