The First Debate

Both Romney and Obama both look a little uncomfortable when not talking. Romney is WAY more comfortable when talking than Obama is when talking.

They are focusing mostly on the economy which makes sense.

And Obama immediately lost me when he went after "millionaires" for not being small business. I think Democratic presidential candidates sound so stupid when they say stuff like this. I've worked for "small" businesses (less than 40 employees) whose owners were close to millionaires, if not actual millionaires. The idea that only tiny mom and pops equal small business is so ridiculous it makes my brain hurt.

Romney is much more aggressive than Obama about defending his time. I don't know if this will backfire or not.

Romney is being VERY honest about what he would cut, including PBS! That's a very bold statement!! And he comes across as knowing what he is talking about. Obama sounds kind of clueless.

"Does anyone think that Exxon Mobil needs an extra tax break?" Obama asks.

"Sure! Why not?!" I say. A tax break is NOT giving money back! It is simply NOT taking more money away from people/companies that earned it!

Obama keeps employing the bandwagon fallacy: all the economists say so . . . Who are all these people?

The funny thing is, though, Romney and Obama are arguing minutiae. It's kind of blah, blah, blah-ish after awhile.

Romney is much better at bringing the minutiae back to everyday life.

Romney is saying more, but Obama is talking as long--this is because Obama is REALLY slow. Romney gets excited--which is fun!

I always think it is funny when candidates say stuff like "if you are in favor of X, then the other guy is for you," and I think, "Yes!"

So when Obama said, "If you think less regulation is good, then Romney is for you!" I thought, "Yes!"

Lehrer keeps trying to interrupt Romney. It's annoying because he doesn't do it to Obama.

Lehrer did just interrupt Obama. Obama's response was funny. But rude. Lehrer recovered well.

Romney just made a mild verbal gaff, which I won't rewrite. I hate these because I hate how the media and news latch onto them and repeat them over and over again. (Like Reagan quoting John Adams: "Facts are stupid . . . ah, stubborn things.") Yeah, like news people never slip up!

I would feel the same if it was Obama.

Romney is really good at listing points.

Obama has sped up. He is far more comfortable on topics where he can claim an "ethical" approach--it doesn't matter how much money is involved, our children shouldn't suffer!

Romney is still taking less time (but saying more).

Obama shouldn't try to be clever--it falls flat.

To be fair, neither of them are particularly good at the "zinger"!

Obama went WAY over (by debate standards): 40 to 36 minutes.

One of the analysts on CNN just said about Obama's discomfort: "I don't think anyone has spoken to the president like this in the last four years. He actually looked angry sometimes . . ." Another added, "He wouldn't look at Romney. He wouldn't engage with him."

Since I listened more than watched the debate, I didn't note this, but it doesn't surprise me. Romney is an objective reserved introvert. Obama is a subjective reserved introvert. I don't really blame him for not wanting to engage with an aggressive guy he doesn't know. But it doesn't look good for a president to act put-upon when someone criticizes him.

Romney loves to debate. So does Ryan.

First vice-presidential debate: October 11th.

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