Introducing . . . The Mike-Kate Video Club!

My friend Mike and I are starting a video club (Mike's idea). The Mike-Kate Video Club operates like a book club. Participants will discuss 10 videos (one per week) at a time. The videos will be selected by Mike and Kate and will follow a theme. The first set will run over the summer and will tackle the pilot episodes of science-fiction and fantasy shows.

Here is the first post AND a link to the blog (it's new!):

The first list includes mostly science-fiction and fantasy shows. There is one exception—Bones—which, although not a science-fiction show, fits thematically with X-Files. The order of the episodes does follow a thematic arrangement (Whedon's shows together; space opera shows together; British shows together), but the arrangement is somewhat loose.
  1. Buffy, the Vampire Slayer: "Welcome to the Hellmouth," June 4th
  2. Firefly: "Serenity" (the REAL pilot, not the aired pilot), June 11th
  3. X-Files: "Pilot," June 18th
  4. Bones: "Pilot," June 25th
  5. Roswell: "Pilot," July 2nd
  6. Supernatural: "Pilot," July 9th
  7. Star Trek: Next Generation: "Encounter at Farpoint," July 16th
  8. Sarah Jane Adventures: 0-2, July 23rd
  9. Red Dwarf: "The End," July 30th
  10. New Doctor Who: "Rose," August 6th
Feel free to watch ahead, but please save comments about a pilot for that pilot's "due date." The "due date" indicates when a post will appear for that video. Spoilers are accepted (i.e., you can mention future episodes of Buffy in the Buffy commentary). Bad language and asinine comments ("You're stupid if you don't agree with me") are not; such comments will be removed.

The last instruction is from me. I rarely read comments on other people's blogs because I find the adolescent bad language and idiocy so annoying. Call it censorship if you want, but Mike and I are the moderators, and if we don't like it, it goes (which doesn't mean you can't disagree with us, just you have to disagree intelligently).

Addendum: #8 has been changed. As Mike pointed out, Babylon 5 has a movie and then catapults you into the show (like Battlestar Galactica). So we changed #8 to Sarah Jane Adventures, Episodes 0-2.

This should be the only change!

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Cherndawg said...

Awesome! I'm really excited to do this! Although, if it goes badly, I am worried that you've assigned the blame to me!