A Random Little Post About Music

Basically, when it comes to music, I listen to soundtracks and ballads. Lately, I've been listening mostly to ballads. This means, I've been listening mostly to Meatloaf.

But I kind of listen to Meatloaf to death. So I looked around and said, "So . . . what next?"

You'll never guess . . .


Yup, I picked up the 2 CDs of his live concert in NYC: Hot August Night. I must say, it is a hoot and a holler and a half. First of all, it's neat to recognize so many songs from my childhood (and to go, "But I thought that was John Denver?") Second, it may be pop, and it may be light pop, etc. etc. etc., but BOY, is it fun.

Of the two CDs, I like the second most. It not only has "America" (the song I bought the set for), "Cracklin' Rose," "Hell Yeah," and "If You Know What I Mean," it has "Brother Love's Traveling Salvation Show" which is way up there with Meatloaf in terms of rip-roaring/feel good/good time/stomping away music.

In any case, I know I'm getting old because I can't listen to Top 40 pop music anymore, and I'm a tasteless pop music aficionado! But that could just be the choices on the stations around where I live and drive.

For oodles of nostalgia and sing-alongs (and a good way to wake up before an 8 a.m. class) check out Neil Diamond!


Anonymous said...

Best money I've spent in a long time. I can't get enough of Cherry Cherry, turned up loud when noone else is home. 'Hard to stand still' (or stay in a bad mood) when the music is playin'!

Eugene said...

Middle-aged Meat Loaf and Neil Diamond fans of the world unite! I didn't know this album was out. It'll definitely go on my list. And if you're looking for more recommendations (computer generated ones, that is), give Pandora a try.

Joe said...

Funny thing about Neil Diamond is that his latest stuff is horrid. Yet when I did an inventory of my digital music collection Jethro Tull was number 1 and Neil Diamond was number 2. Nobody else was close.

(Besides most his classics, I have Beautiful Noise and Jonathan Livingston Seagull in full. I pretty much have Tap Root Manuscript, which, like Noise, is a very well produced album.

Speaking of well produced albums: Supertramp's Even In The Quietest Moments is up there.

And if you're going for the oldies, definitely get John Denver Live.)