Lastest Publication

My latest story just came out in Leading Edge Magazine: "Her Society."

Here's the description:

"Her Society" (Leading Edge, June 2009): A futuristic legal system places the burden of judgment on the victim of an assault; she, Safrina, must first live with her assailant for thirty days in the hopes that she will learn to "understand" him. She is burdened not only with her own survival but with the possible future of her assailant.


Jennifer said...

Wow, that's an absolutely chilling idea.

Congrats on the publication.

Cari Hislop said...

Fascinating concept...making "the victim" the arbiter of justice and having to survive her assailants company for thirty days to get to know him, assumably in some sort of secluded detention? Is there a barrier to stop the assailant from killing her? If not, if she died who would then judge him guilty?

It's fascinating how some societies put the role of defending on the victim. Unsurprisingly, these same societies usually have pre-set judgements. But to make the victim the interesting twist!

It's rather bizarre that a BYU publication hasn't thought to sell on-line copies of the magazine for people outside the country!