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Yes, I have once again changed the title of my blog! When I first began blogging, I called this site The Anti-Angst. I then changed it to The Consumer. It would probably still be The Consumer, except that Blogger has suddenly developed a distrust of my legitimacy. (I think they think I'm a mass-advertising site.) And I was getting tired of the name anyway.

The phrase "votaries of horror" comes from a 1946 review of The Duchess of Malfi by Brooks Atkinson (New York Times). I ran across it during my research for my thesis. It has a nice ring to it. It isn't as clever as many (check out my friend Mike's blog for a good title) but I might actually stick with it for awhile, this time, since it dovetails with my current line of research. Unless I start getting angry letters from Stephen King fans looking for thoughts about gore, not a bunch of rants about academic institutions. (Which isn't to say I won't discuss horror, the genre, at some point, just not a whole lot.) "Votary" refers to a dedicated student (there is a religious connotation as well). Brooks Atkinson used it in his article (and I use it in my thesis) to refer to a devoted fan, someone who really, really loves something for the sake of itself.


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