Short is Sexy

For reasons that I don't fully understand (I confess to being nonplussed by most appearance-based criticisms), short men are supposedly less attractive than tall men.


Here are some (comparatively) short men (i.e. not the supposedly preferable 6') who are sweet, sexy, and smoldering:

Seamus Deaver: With Seamus Deaver, height is completely relative. His co-star Nathan Fillion (6'-1/2" with the strapping build of an oil-rig worker) tends to make everyone on Castle's set look short.

Not only is Seamus Deaver a gifted actor and a handsome man, like Martin Freeman (next), he has mobile features that alter his appearance every few seconds. Even a change in hairstyle can alter his persona. It is very cool to watch.

The incomparable Martin Freeman (5'6"). I can't say enough good things!! I never get tired of watching him.

The ever so sexy (and charming) Michael Emerson (at 5'8") with his wife Carrie Preston (5'4"). Aren't they adorable?!

Interestingly enough, in Person of Interest, Michael Emerson's character is the more romantic of the two male leads. He often plays Cyrano to Reese's Christian. He is also more likely to try to save a marriage while Reese is content to give guns to both spouses and let them figure things out for themselves.

David Suchet (5'7") with the kindest eyes in the entire world. He was Poirot for over two decades and did the part proud. Suchet captured Poirot's Monk-like finickiness as well as his fundamental toughness. His eyes are extraordinarily expressive and can get quite flinty when Poirot is displeased.

As for Monk, the warm adorable Tony Shalhoub is 5'10" while the sexiest man in the world, Ted Levine, is 5'11". (And yes, I am absolutely serious about that last statement. Levine comes very close to embodying the attributes of sexiness and adorableness; however, that award goes to the last actor on this list.)

For short and bald (another common criticism), there is the smoldering Luca Zingaretti (approximately 5'9" -5'10" if compared against Cesare Bocci), playing Montalbano. Like with the last actor on the list, I also really like Montalbano's coat.

Another striking and commanding bald man, Patrick Stewart is also 5'10".

And the best of the best, the gorgeous Peter Falk at 5'6". Doesn't he just make you go weak at the knees?

(Thus endeth my post with its abundance of superlative adverbs, but this post deserved them!)

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