Evil Spam

I have been compelled by evil spam ("dastardly," the Blogger folks call it; how right they are!) to add word verification to the comment section. Not that this blog gets that many comments, but for those of you who do, I'm sorry. It's a pain to have to stare at blurry letters whenever you click "enter" on-line, but it's necessary.

Basically, automatic spamsters try to attach ads to posts by entering them as comments. I despise this. It isn't so much the annoyance of having to go in and delete the comment; it doesn't take that much time. It's the rudeness that ticks me off. I mean, they don't even have the decency to try to relate their spam to my posts! The jerks. I could respect someone who might comment on my Star Trek post with a plea, "Come to my site where I sell Star Trek memorabilia." (I might still delete it, but I'd respect it.) But these spamsters are just using the post because it's there, and they think people will read the comment because they read the post. I may be a thorough-going capitalist, but I'm an honorable thorough-going capitalist, and I think this sort of thing is, well, dastardly. And nefarious. And yucky. And mean. And sneaky. And underhand. And just real, real bad. So if you're a spamster, and you're reading this: SHAME ON YOU!

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