TV Update

I've been impressed by Bones. It is a remarkably funny show, and David Boreanaz plays the deadpan straight man very well. Unfortunately, I don't watch it that often anymore because Criminal Minds is on opposite. I actually think Bones is a better written show. Criminal Minds can get a bit clunky, and it's too full (even by CSI standards) of explanatory technobabble (where experts explain things to other experts who, in real life, wouldn't need those things explained). But I adore Mandy Patinkin. It's that voice. Actually, all the men on Criminal Minds have stellar narrator voices. But Mandy Patinkin is in a category of his own. And I like all the characters (men and women) which is really, really important to appreciating a show like that. (For instance, I loath the main male character--the character, not the actor--on Without a Trace and consequently, can barely tolerate the show. I stopped watching when Malone forced Vivian out of "his job"--instead of going to Chicago like he'd planned, wife or no wife, a circumstance that he brought on himself--and was able to get "his job" back because of the implicit old-boys' chauvinism of the agency. So it might be realistic, but it doesn't make me like the guy.)

I haven't--weep, weep--been able to watch House as much as usual since I have class Tuesday night. I caught Monday's episode. It's still House-y. It's still great.

I continue to keep up with CSI: Las Vegas, but I think the current season is pretty poor.

I was wrong about Twins not lasting; it's a cute show. I was wrong about Out of Practice lasting; it's gone. I've developed a real soft spot for How I Met Your Mother. Allyson Hannigan is a great comedic actress.

I've watched a couple of Numbers episodes and liked them okay. My problem with the show is that it quite often seems like the numbers part is simply a substitution for ordinary FBI grunt work, and that the numbers solution doesn't really get to the solution any faster. The numbers' guy is always saying, "Get me all the data." So, the FBI has to go through and cull all the data anyway? Isn't coming up with an equation about it just an extra step?

But I do think that the characterization on the show is well-done and surprisingly realistic. I believe in the brothers as brothers.

So Prison Break is coming back! I've mentioned before that I can't watch the show since, although I think it is very cool, it forces me to watch from week to week (like 24). I admit to being somewhat startled by the previews. They didn't get the brother out yet? What have they been doing?



Mike Cherniske said...

TV can be tricky. Oft times the best shows get cancelled in order to open up more time for reality shows. Reality TV, btw, is the reason I don't have cable, or any TV reception whasoever. I may still be bitter about a reality show being slated in Angel's spot (although I hear that the same show is now also cancelled, or never aired.... not sure which). Firefly was a GREAT show, as was the movie it spawned (serenity). Harsh realms was a fun show, and really could have gone places. Angel was also cut short (notice my bitterness on this topic?). Many more shows start off great, but fail in delivery. EARLY EDITION was Great, but started to flail after the first season (for me, it started going downhill when fisher, the narrator and supporting character, left the show... never really had the same feel afterward without narration...). The Pilot for Enterprise was promising, but that too failed to live up to expectations. Even smallville, while still on the air, is not nearly as good as it could be. the writing often comes and goes. Perhaps the only show good enough to really draw my attention is LOST, but that, too, requires week to week watching (unless of course, you wait for DVD). In the end, I stick to movies. While I never really know what's going on in the world, it a small price to pay to escape the perils of "reality" TV.

Kate Woodbury said...

Another good show that came and went was "Now and Again" with Eric Close (now on Without a Trace). It was kind of a variation on The Bionic Man. Guy (played by guest star John Goodman) dies; his brain is placed in young, bionic body. He must make a new life for himself, but he still hankers after his old life (wife & kid). The actor who does the Allstate commercials (deep voice, smooth as cream) played bionic man's doctor/boss/sidekick. The show was very cute but didn't really have a focus. Which didn't bother me much, but I suppose it bothered someone because it disappeared within a season.