Tuesday Night Round-Up Again

NCIS wasn't on last night so I watched American Idol. My vote is for Bo Bise, the long-haired gent who wants to sing rock, although Simon thinks he should stick to soul. I think it should be Bise not only because he was the only good singer last night, because he is at least interesting to watch, because, hey, why not root for my generation, because his "homecoming" deal was so much more lo-key than the girls' (comparatively) but also because the guy actually takes chances. Other than the songs chosen by the record producing guy, the girls both sang songs which drowned out their voices: hum along deals. Bellow a lot but don't worry, the guitar will cover up any flaws. Bo actually chanced it. He sang without the band on his second and although he flubbed the end, the attempt and delivery were so stunning, he deserved to retire after that song alone. Even on the last, Van Halen? he managed to throw his voice over the band so that you actually were listening to someone sing, not just watching someone mouth along. Although, Carrie did fairly good on her last song, as well.

All that said, I still don't get American Idol. I mean, if I wanted to listen to Van Halen, why wouldn't I just go, uh, listen to Van Halen? I've never listened to a single thing by Clay Akin. CDs are expensive enough, thanks. It must be that whole personality-star thing, which frankly, I don't get either.

Anyway, House was on next and it was one of the single best episodes of House and of television I have ever seen. Excellent writing (set-up, pay-off, dialog, especially the line, "Because I hope this is more than a test."), excellent acting (I love the part where Cameron answers Dr. House's question with the correct diagnosis, "Dead muscle" and for just a moment, House realizes that his team is well trained enough, they might have saved him); the cinematography (the auditorium which gets more and more full as the lecture continues; the image of House's team and Dr. Wilson sitting beside each other), the movement from humor (gotta love that snake) to pathos. The "point" which is made so swiftly and profoundly at the end, you almost miss it. Excellent. Absolutely magnificent.

Good old Fox, except baseball starts up next week, so there goes the summer. I enjoy going to baseball games--the cheering, the food, the sun--but watching it on television is worse than watching golf which is at least soporific.


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Scott said...

House is a great show, with good acting and writng and I agree with you about this weeks showing. I actually was not following too closly throught he first 20 minutes, but became more and more intrigued as it went on. And the addition of Sela Ward is a no brainer.

I haven't any idea if it's up your alley or not, but Nip/Tuck starts up in June{I believe}on FX, and that's good, summertime fun.