An Inside Look at Revision: Creating a World, Part 2

Aubrey: Remnants of Transformation is available on Amazon and Smashwords. I posted notes about the process of revision for every chapter.

Chapter 4:

In Chapter 3, Aubrey escapes from her captors by running through Kingston. In Chapter 4, she describes Kingston:
Kingston was a series of districts linked by the old highway: Docks, then Trades; from Trades, the highway turned in-land, meandering through Residence and Shops before circling Palisades, where the old palace—now the Academy—sat. The highway then dipped back towards the coast and Vale District, home of New Government House. Aubrey had spent almost every fall season of her life in Kingston. She would visit Shops, attend garden parties in Residence. Last fall, she was supposed to start attending Kingston dances and—if Mother could wrangle invitations—balls in the more magnificent mansions on Palisades.
The old highway runs through the kingdom of Lucorey. The turnpike in Lucorey is referred to as the Rostand Turnpike; the highway runs directly from the turnpike to Rostand, then to Braesmouth, then to Kingston.
Kingston is the capital of Roesia. It still retains its royal name although some ministers want to rename it Newville; as Richard contemplates in his novella, the new name just won't stick.

Kev lives in the slums between Docks and Trades. Lord Simon lives on the southside of Palisades. The police station is right on the edge of Shops, bordering Belemont Park. Police Headquarters is in Vale District. In Part II of Aubrey, her family will rent a house on the edge of Residence near Trades (good but not overly posh). Aubrey's youngest brother will later attend Bailey College in Rostand.

Resurgence River is an important geographical feature in the upcoming Fourth Roesia novella.

The forest to the north is the home of serpents who transform into humans. A serpent will make an appearance in the upcoming novella.

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