There He is Again!

One of my favorite things to do is to pinpoint extras. For instance, last night's CSI: Las Vegas (special night) starred--who'd have thunk--Maury Chaikin, cleverly outacting everyone in sight, as the desperate murderer. CSI has also starred the "How Not to Kill a Boyfriend on the First Date" boyfriend from Buffy, not to mention, wait for it . . . Megan Follows. Honestly. She plays the normal sister of a psycho killer. I saw the episode twice, and it wasn't until the second that I placed her. It was something in her voice, I think, that tipped me off.

Since British actors tend to work a larger range of mediums (although that is changing), they turn up all over the place. Stephen Tompkinson from Ballykissangel showed up in a reader's theatre version of The Sittaford Mystery. Jonathan Firth (no relation to Colin) from the Brother Cadfael mysteries shows up constantly as bellhops and clerks and once as Edward VI. And the odd but definitely gifted Samuel West seems fairly ubiquitous.

Extras are just way, way more fun than stars.


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Carole said...

Megan Follows??? I so need to see that ep!! I haven't seen her since I finally saw that atrocious third movie of Anne of Green Gables. Have the name of the episode? Ohh, you know who else starred on CSI? Yup, Michael Welch.

What, obsessed? Nah.